“If you wait for inspiration to write you’re not a writer, you’re a waiter.”

Dan Poynter

I was thinking about inspiration yesterday, while struggling with a weighty chapter in my latest writing project. It’s a science fiction novel and has way more complexity and depth than anything I have written so far. I often find myself stuck for how to proceed with a character or how to smoothly transition to a sub plot. I read that the word inspiration stems from the latin verb “insiprare” meaning to infuse animation or influence into the human soul.

Nothing so grand for me unfortunately. The quote by Dan Poynter comes closer to how I work at the moment. I find it better to write something. If I come to a dead end, I can work on another chapter or even spend an hour or so editing previous chapters. Usually, while I am working, or more typically, when I am on a break doing chores or just chilling, some solution will pop into my head.

When I get really stuck, I have a tried and tested solution. Archie is never far away from me while I write, and just taking ten minutes to drink some tea and scratch his ears is often enough to get me writing again.

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Andy C Wareing
Andy C Wareing

Writer and illustrator. Born in the UK but now living in Atlanta. Find my books on Amazon stores worldwide.

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