Endless self-aggrandizement

One of the hardest things I find about transitioning from a traditional working role (i.e. Employee) to one as an indie writer and author is the perpetual need to self-promote. I am certain my family and FB friends are weary of my incessant posts (and now blogs for crying out loud!). “When will it end, please God, make him stop,” I can hear them cry.

The problem for the Indie author is that there really is no other option. I am really a very quiet, and while my wife will wholeheartedly disagree, modest person. And yet here I am writing another blog post on a wet Tuesday morning in Atlanta that I will post to FB, LinkedIn and Twitter in the vain hope that I will get some love (and likes and shares and retweets and a follower or two, maybe even a subscriber to the blog or newsletter, or perhaps somebody will end up buying a book or three – come on people get with the damn program, it’s not that hard!).

Of course that’s really the end goal. To engage with sufficient like minded individuals, who might like my writing and stories enough to part with a few hard earned dollars or pounds or Euros and ultimately enjoy the tales in my head.

Anyhoo – in the spirit of the blog today, here is another selfless selfie with my latest published book “A Surcease of Sorrow” available for free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Happy reading and follow the blog and visit the website to sign up for the newsletter!

A Surcease of Sorrow

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