Amazing resources for writers

When I started out writing and self-publishing I really struggled to understand where successful writers were getting there information from.

Then slowly, bit by bit I stumbled across forums and websites that provided guidance and sometimes even free services to rookies and pros alike. I thought it would be nice to try and share some of these back to folks. Many of the sites listed are useful for everybody, not just us writing luvvie types btw.

Free images for book covers, promotions etc:

Free 3D Book images for advertising:

Free HTML Formatting Generator for writing blurbs etc on KDP:

Free site that mines your published book and returns all the categories it is listed under on Amazon (tip: Amazon shows you can list up to only two. There are actually eight but you have to contact KDP directly). The site also has the ability to generate a Universal Book Link:

And finally, at least for the moment, I urge you to join this Facebook Group. It is called 20BooksTo50K. It has an amazing support group and mountains of guidance and tips, as well as a super responsive and helpful team of members.

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