Hard SciFi (in more ways than one)

Science fiction is often thought of as a genre that depicts the future or some imagined world, but it also can be used to explore and explain present-day issues. This blog post will examine hard science-fiction. It’s going to get hard—in more ways than one!

The term was first used in print in 1957 by P. Schuyler Miller in a review of John W. Campbell‘s Islands of Space. It is characterized by a focus on accuracy of logic and adherence to something achievable, or close to achievable with current technology. The subject of the genre should exist within the realm of scientific possibility.

The research for my latest book has been both arduous and fun in equal measure. One day I found a useful calculator that measures time dilation based on percentage of proximity to light speed travel which I spent way too much time playing around with. Try it here:

I tried to keep the space travel elements grounded in reality. None of the Galaxy Cruisers in my book can travel at anywhere close to the speed of light (c) ,so the journeys the occupants face are loooong.

I use Tokamak Torus magnetic reconnection propulsion systems for the space travel elements. It’s the same physics that can be seen on the surface of our Sun. Magnetic lines converge there and then split apart. When they re-combine they release truly enormous amounts of energy. The Tokamak Torus confinement field harnesses that energy and converts it into a plasma field that could be sustained (even using today’s technology) in the Mega-Ampere level, the sort of energy seen in the most powerful lightning bolts.

Hard SciFi
Solar Mass Plasma Ejection

The new book also delves into the bizarre concept of “Qualia” and how that interleaves with “quantum consciousness” but I will leave that for another post, as I just finished writing that chapter and my brain still smarts.

If you’ve been looking for a new science fiction book that is both “hard” and grounded in reality, I encourage you to subscribe to the blog or sign up for my newsletter. https://pandaproofed.wordpress.com/promotions/

I am roughly 70% done with the structure so hope to publish within the next three months, so let’s keep in touch on progress, release dates, early access to chapters and all things sci-fi!

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