The dolphin whisperer

I had to take some time this week when we weren’t traveling, to work on September’s Newsletter. We were busy taking a trip to Fort Myers this week to say farewell (for a while) to both a great friend and to the crazy state of Florida. We also took a dolphin viewing trip on the inter-coastal which was very cool. My wife always asks the guides if the dolphins ever make the clicking noise out of the water (you know, like Flipper did in the 1980s). The guides response is typically a chuckle and an amused shake of their heads. Well…this time, one dolphin jumped out of the water, looked directly at Paula and trilled and whistled right at her. MADE…HER…YEAR! She is certain that she is now able to converse with the entire species…and who knows, she might be right.

I am going to include chapter one of the latest WIP in that edition to all subscribed members (so be sure to follow the link below and join soon!). The latest WIP is a work of hard SciFi. Its set not too far in the future and is themed around the joys of friendship and collaboration triumphing over autocracy and tyranny, all intertwined with a fleet of Galaxy cruisers, whose fates hang desperately in the balance. It’s close to 75% complete at around 43000 words (less edits) so will hopefully be available by the end of the year, if I can find the time, focus and energy to stop writing blogs, tweets and newsletters and actually write the damn book.

I (not very humbly) think its by far the best thing I have written to date, and it’s certainly been a challenge in range of both characters, backstories, side plots and just pure, all out technical research to make sure it stays within genre. For those not familiar with “hard” SciFi my previous blog goes into some detail. Take a read here:

For those who subscribe to the blogs and newsletter, you will receive more previews as the book progresses. I will also be asking (begging) for feedback and ideas on titles, blurbs and book covers as I get closer to publishing, so don’t miss out!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post! If you found it interesting or even a little informative, please subscribe to the blog and sign up to my newsletter. The link is in that BIG GREEN box right there…no, look up a bit, there ya go! In addition, if there is anything in particular that interests you, feel free to reach out by email or the contact form. I’m always happy to answer any questions about my books and the writing and publishing process in general. It’s been a crazy year of learning the nuances of Amazon KDP, Facebook Ads, Instagram in general and the dreaded pixel in particular, so happy to share with new authors and the more generally interested readership.

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