“Unlocking the Secret of Sequel Power”

When it comes to reading, there are plenty of options out there. While single books can be great, there is a case to be made for why a series of books is even better. With a series, readers can get more depth and detail about characters and the world they inhabit. It allows for better overall storytelling with more intricate plot lines that can span several volumes. Additionally, readers can get more emotional investment in the characters as well as look forward to the next book in the series.

From the perspective of the author it also gives additional scope and reach for marketing efforts. This can impact both paid adverts, social media posts, newsletters and back matter, in a way that is difficult with a single book.

If readers like book one, there is a good chance they will keep reading. Conversely, later books can also boost sales of the first in a way that multiple stand alone books do not.

Check out the graph below showing KENP read. (KENP represents page reads for folks who have an Amazon Kindle Unlimited account). The blue blocks represent book one in my travel adventure memoir series—”Mistakes were Made.”

Book Two—”It’s not as bad as it looks” was released in September 2022. That book is represented by the yellow blocks. Around the same time I updated the back matter in both books in addition to my website to let people know about the other book and did a giveaway on Book One.

I am generally uncomfortable with freebies but the good thing is that with Amazon they do the advertising on your behalf during the free promo period. Now, lots of people download the book for free and most wont read it, however, the book gets shown to those Kindle Unlimited customer too, and they are avid readers.

In January, I released book Three—”A Fast Bike to Byzantium.” I did a pre-release for this book and again, updated all of the back matter in all three books. So far I haven’t spent a penny on advertising, the growth has largely been organic and the website has begun to generate clicks. You can see the red blocks starting to gain traction.

Book Four, tentatively titled “Ride to the Midnight Sun” should be released in March and at that time it may prove worth my while to run some paid adverts, but we will see.

Please check out the books on my website, they are available to buy in all Amazon stores and free on Kindle Unlimited.


In conclusion, a series of books can be a better option than one book for readers who love great stories. Not only does it keep readers engaged, but it also gives authors more creative space to tell their tales. With each installment, the reader can look forward to an even deeper journey into the world that has been created and savor the characters’ lives as they unfold over time. I believe this to be true for both fiction and non-fiction.

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