Flies on the Visor

A big shout out to Dave Ayers at the fantastic website that pitches itself as “the inane ramblings of the motorcyle obsessed.”

He was good enough to work patiently with me to put together a promotional article based primarily around the recent release of “A Fast Bike to Byzantium.”

You can read the full article by clicking on the image:

The team have a wonderfully simple philosophy aimed at bikers over 40:

—Get out there

—Do it

—Write about it

—Inform and entertain

—Opinions with detail

—Maintain trust

—Be positive

—Critique never criticism

They are a wonderful group and you can find them here:


It was a really fun collaboration, and I cant recommend them enough to anybody bike mad or just thinking about setting off on the journey of sweaty leathers, frozen digits, the terror of other road users, and, of course, sooo many flies on the visor.

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