Andy C Wareing

I started my Indie writing career after retiring from the software industry. Born in Southport England we lived and worked in the USA for 15 years, and then tried to move to Spain to enjoy a life in the endless sunshine. Instead, we ended up embroiled in the middle of the pandemic. I wrote and self-published my first book “Mistakes were Made” after that (mis) adventure.

We then lived in a sleepy village called Somerton in the UK for a while and finally (and as it turns out, temporarily) found our way back to Atlanta to join our youngest son Adam. We are now planning on living the romantic Romany life of the gypsy, roaming the British Isles until our house gets built in Somerset.

At heart always British, I love life in the U.S.A but will never vocalize the American pronunciations of basil, banana or tomato!

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