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Andy C Wareing

Along with many like-minded souls, 2020 was the year I finally broke free of the constraints of life in corporate America. Fueled by a renewed passion and creativity I decided to pursue a life as a full-time author.

Originally from Southport in England, my wife Paula and I, lived and worked in the USA for 15 wonderful years, and then moved to Spain to enjoy a quiet life in the endless sunshine of the Mediterranean. Instead, we ended up embroiled in the tribulations of the pandemic. I wrote and self-published my first book “Mistakes Were Made” after that (mis) adventure.

Life in Altea
Life in Altea (for a while).

At heart always British, we loved living in the U.S.A but will never vocalize the American pronunciations of basil, banana, or tomato. We now live with our two dogs in leafy Somerset, land of apples, cider, and weather so perpetually wet, ‘wellies’ are considered formal wear. Please keep me away from the benefits office by leaving a review on Goodreads or your local Amazon store.

Happily married to Paula, we have two adult sons. Ben is in the US Navy, currently stationed in Japan, and Adam is living his best life in Atlanta. I am also puppy dad to Archie and Pi.

Archie and Pi in Spain
Archie & Pi in Spain

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