The Rise of ChatGPT and the Future of Book Writing 

OK – I admit it, I hold up my hand. That entire blog, every single word, entirely unedited, was written by Claude the ChatGPT engine from Anthropic.

Are Modern Motorcycle Adventurers the New Children of the Magenta Line?

The term was originally coined in 1997 by veteran airline pilot Warren Vanderburgh, who came up with the phrase, somewhat caustically, for the new generation of pilots, who he believes have become overly dependent on automation and computer guidance, and thus fail to exercise their own situational awareness and judgment, when they should take controlContinue reading “Are Modern Motorcycle Adventurers the New Children of the Magenta Line?”

Why do Indie Authors Price the way they do?

I posted recently on a Facebook motorcycle group that I had a couple of books, recently released, that younger members might be interested in. The books tell the tale of what it was like to ride solo and across closed borders in the days before GPS and Google Maps. I admit, being an author whoContinue reading “Why do Indie Authors Price the way they do?”

Insights of the Interstellar Māori Matakite

I have always loved Science Fiction and, when I decided to make my first contribution to this genre, I wanted to blur the edges of two sub genres in the way that Frank Herbert did with Dune. Whereas Herbert’s Dune story is a solid mix of fantasy fiction and science fiction, Herbert intentionally suppressed theContinue reading “Insights of the Interstellar Māori Matakite”

Flies on the Visor

A big shout out to Dave Ayers at the fantastic website that pitches itself as “the inane ramblings of the motorcyle obsessed.” He was good enough to work patiently with me to put together a promotional article based primarily around the recent release of “A Fast Bike to Byzantium.” You can read the full articleContinue reading “Flies on the Visor”