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Inspired by chilling actual events, Edgar Allan Poe’s dark world comes to life in this terrifying tale of dark forces and mystery.

Editorial Review:

“This tale of dark forces and the unlikely assemblage that stands against it is powered by an earnestly compelling mystery wrapped around an inventive, twisting reimagining of Edgar Allan Poe’s life that will be sure to captivate genre-lovers and admirers of Poe’s work alike.” – (The Booklife Prize).

Amazon Reviews

“The story was well written with greatly developed characters. It’s a ‘put you on the edge of your seat’ story that I feel all horror readers will enjoy. “

“19th century America meets horror story. It was fast-paced and engaging.”

“Mystery, horror and gloom combine in this gothic tale that weaves together historical facts with fiction and the occult.”

“Great story. I found myself completely immersed in the period…”


2020 would be a year most of the world would spend in pajamas.

And that’s what we should have done! Instead, we gave up great jobs, sold our cars, house and everything else we owned, and moved from the United States to the Mediterranean idyll of Spain, all amidst the deadliest global pandemic since 1918. This short story tells the rollercoaster tale of our exciting, tragic, and mostly humorous journey across Europe. Join us as we constantly react to the changing whims of international governments, virus hotspots and quarantine zones, as we battle in our increasingly unreliable Ford Mondeo car across Europe.

Amazon Reviews

I was fully present and felt as if it could have been one of those intimate stories told over great company, great food, and great drinks. Super fun and I caught myself laughing out loud at the wittiness on recounting of adventures/misadventures.”

“Started it tonight and couldn’t put it down.
So very well written, learned so much.”

“The vivid recounting of his and wife’s huge challenges in bringing about their intercontinental house move from Atlanta, USA to southern Spain is eye-opening, humorous and heartbreaking in equal measures.”

“It’s filled with the details of the joys and mishaps of travel, the quiet joys of exploring new places and one family’s path to a new future all told with a beat of humor throughout.”