The Open Road Calls: GPS for Adventure Motorcycling

The rumble of the engine, the open road ahead, and adventures waiting over the horizon—for many riders, adventure motorcycling is true bliss

Are Modern Motorcycle Adventurers the New Children of the Magenta Line?

The term was originally coined in 1997 by veteran airline pilot Warren Vanderburgh, who came up with the phrase, somewhat caustically, for the new generation of pilots, who he believes have become overly dependent on automation and computer guidance, and thus fail to exercise their own situational awareness and judgment, when they should take controlContinue reading “Are Modern Motorcycle Adventurers the New Children of the Magenta Line?”

Flies on the Visor

A big shout out to Dave Ayers at the fantastic website that pitches itself as “the inane ramblings of the motorcyle obsessed.” He was good enough to work patiently with me to put together a promotional article based primarily around the recent release of “A Fast Bike to Byzantium.” You can read the full articleContinue reading “Flies on the Visor”

More out of order than a Pulp Fiction movie

I was thrilled at the beginning of this month to release my third book. Ignoring, for a moment, my supernatural thriller novel, it was book two in my travel memoir series and was aptly titled, “It’s not as bad as it looks.” Book two continues and completes the story started in “Mistakes were Made” whichContinue reading “More out of order than a Pulp Fiction movie”

New Beginnings

New beginnings as we move from the USA back to the UK. Previous book has been completely re-released and news on the latest SciFi book. Apologies to you kind reader but I have been remiss in my ability to post a new blog the last few weeks. We decided to return from the USA toContinue reading “New Beginnings”

While my Guitar Gently Wept

Some dear friends bought me a guitar today as a leaving present. I say they bought it me today, but in reality, today was merely the day I took receipt of her. She had enjoyed a journey of over twenty thousand miles over a period of twelve months for us to be finally united inContinue reading “While my Guitar Gently Wept”