New Beginnings

New beginnings as we move from the USA back to the UK. Previous book has been completely re-released and news on the latest SciFi book. Apologies to you kind reader but I have been remiss in my ability to post a new blog the last few weeks. We decided to return from the USA toContinue reading “New Beginnings”

Children of the Night

This blog is going to drill into the differences the Indie Author faces when deciding to publish narrowly or widely. The quote from Bram Stoker is a timeless classic right? But the title also refers to a great charity whose mission is to provide intervention in the lives of children who are sexually exploited andContinue reading “Children of the Night”

The dolphin whisperer

I had to take some time this week when we weren’t traveling, to work on September’s Newsletter. We were busy taking a trip to Fort Myers this week to say farewell (for a while) to both a great friend and to the crazy state of Florida. We also took a dolphin viewing trip on theContinue reading “The dolphin whisperer”

From science nerd to Sci-Fi writer

I am definitely a bit of a science nerd. I was immediately hooked by the 80’s TV series “Cosmos” hosted by the wonderful and enigmatic Carl Sagan. The episodes had the most intriguing names to capture the eager mind of an easily influenced teenage boy. Sorry, for some reason Daisy Duke just came to mind.Continue reading “From science nerd to Sci-Fi writer”

A different environment

Writing is a deeply social activity, we write so that other can read our stories after all. The difference is that it is largely undertaken in complete solitude. I hear that some writers start their manuscripts in the hubbub of a noisy coffee shop, only moving to more peaceful surroundings for final proofreading and editing.Continue reading “A different environment”

Amazing resources for writers

When I started out writing and self-publishing I really struggled to understand where successful writers were getting there information from. Then slowly, bit by bit I stumbled across forums and websites that provided guidance and sometimes even free services to rookies and pros alike. I thought it would be nice to try and share someContinue reading “Amazing resources for writers”

While my Guitar Gently Wept

Some dear friends bought me a guitar today as a leaving present. I say they bought it me today, but in reality, today was merely the day I took receipt of her. She had enjoyed a journey of over twenty thousand miles over a period of twelve months for us to be finally united inContinue reading “While my Guitar Gently Wept”

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