Insights of the Interstellar Māori Matakite

I have always loved Science Fiction and, when I decided to make my first contribution to this genre, I wanted to blur the edges of two sub genres in the way that Frank Herbert did with Dune. Whereas Herbert’s Dune story is a solid mix of fantasy fiction and science fiction, Herbert intentionally suppressed theContinue reading “Insights of the Interstellar Māori Matakite”

The essence of our ancestors

A line in a book I am reading made me think rather too deeply about something. And that surely is the power of the written word. Something banal and taken entirely for granted can spark a sudden feeling, an emotion, and all of a sudden it inspires a change of perspective. The book is “TheContinue reading “The essence of our ancestors”

More out of order than a Pulp Fiction movie

I was thrilled at the beginning of this month to release my third book. Ignoring, for a moment, my supernatural thriller novel, it was book two in my travel memoir series and was aptly titled, “It’s not as bad as it looks.” Book two continues and completes the story started in “Mistakes were Made” whichContinue reading “More out of order than a Pulp Fiction movie”