Hard Sci-Fi (ciencia ficcion dura)

“We humans perceive them as strong and firmly unified properties of our surroundings, whereas in actual fact they are simply products of our consciousness.”

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On the interconnectedness of things

Families and lives are torn apart, but some connections are not so easy to cut. Join in the latest blog where I discuss my latest WIP

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Hard SciFi (in more ways than one)

This blog post will examine hard science-fiction. It’s going to get hard—in more ways than one!

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From science nerd to Sci-Fi writer

I am definitely a bit of a science nerd. I was immediately hooked by the 80’s TV series “Cosmos” hosted by the wonderful and enigmatic Carl Sagan. The episodes had the most intriguing names to capture the eager mind of an easily influenced teenage boy. Sorry, for some reason Daisy Duke just came to mind. […]

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A different environment

Writing is a deeply social activity, we write so that other can read our stories after all. The difference is that it is largely undertaken in complete solitude. I hear that some writers start their manuscripts in the hubbub of a noisy coffee shop, only moving to more peaceful surroundings for final proofreading and editing. […]

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