Latest book release now available

“A Surcease of Sorrow” is now available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback. Also available on Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and others.

“On the night of 3rd October 1849, the poet and author Edgar Allen Poe was found, raving and in clothes not his own, outside a tavern in Baltimore’s seventh ward. He had been missing from the world for five days. In 19th Century America, two magical orders are at war. Doctor Carter leads the fight against the Dux de Obscurum, the Commanders of Darkness, who seek to snare demons in their sinister plot to seek dominion over the earth. In an effort to uncover the truth behind their friend’s mysterious disappearance Doctor Snodgrass and Captain Walker find themselves unexpectedly embroiled in the fight. Confronting witches and demons, Furies and sinister henchmen, the two friends meet unforeseen foes and fortuitous allies. Pursued relentlessly by the sinister and powerful cabal, not everybody is who they seem to be, and they try desperately to survive a world that imperils them both, a world that transcends nature. Will they be able to return to Baltimore with the truth, and in time, to save the soul of their friend?” Download it here:

About to publish my latest book….

My second book (first novel) is about to be self-published. The book is a horror story set in 19th century America, based around the true but mysterious last days of the poet Edgar Allen Poe. Still working on final formatting and synopsis but thought it would be good to share the draft book cover and title. Thoughts please my friends?